Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

Our Summer Community Conversation is coming up soon! 😎

published12 days ago
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Hello Reader,

After a brief summer hiatus, we're back with our next Community Conversation, and it's going to be fantastic!

If you've been missing these, you'll love what we have in store for you – Creating Audience Connection with Lead Magnets: Reframing your lead magnet as part of your aligned authority game plan.

And if you've never joined us before, you can expect a fun, lively conversation with lots of interactions via the Crowdcast chat box and a chance to ask all your questions!

It must be said: these informal sessions are NEVER about us selling anything (though of course we'd love to work with you!). These events are free, online conversations to remind us that we're in this together—trying our best to offer solutions to our audience in an authentic, human way that feels right for us and never based on what we "should" be doing or what's trendy.

In our August conversation (and part one of this topic), we'll break down the most critical components of a lead magnet and how to use them to connect with your audience without focusing solely on gaining new subscribers.

We dive into the various types of lead magnets (including some we're sure you've probably never considered) and why the goal of a lead magnet must go far beyond simple list-building.

We're hoping your biggest key takeaways from part one will be:

  • Finally understanding what everyone must do BEFORE creating a lead magnet.
  • Reframing the purpose of your lead magnet and learning our magic solution to convert lead magnet viewers into customers
  • Seeing your lead magnet as one core component in your larger movement marketing framework

Mark you calendars for Wed, August 17th at 11:00 AM PST and join us live! (It's super fun and totally free—promise.)

As always, spots are limited (blame the tech), so snag a spot ASAP if you want to join us. Of course, if the time doesn't work for you because of geography or life, but this topic intrigues you (how could it not?), register anyway and pop your questions into the "Ask a Question" box in advance and watch the replay at your convenience. (Pro tip: You can use the box to skip to answers in the recording too.)

Hope to see you there!

Talk soon,

Sarah & Team SM&Co

P.S. And, as a sneak peek, we've already outlined part two of this conversation to explore the idea of paid lead magnets (they don't have to be free!) and how to keep your lead magnets in the middle of your movement marketing framework. So, you definitely don't want to miss part one where we cover all the fundamentals first!