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A Tip from My Mom 👇

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Hello Reader,

My mom subscribes to this newsletter, which is really lovely of her, since there's not a whole lot for a retired high school English teacher to glean from these emails. (Hi, Mom! 👋)

The other day, she called me after reading one of these newsletters and said, "Have you ever thought about writing a book?"

Truth be told, it is something I've thought about, but that's not the point of why I'm sharing her question. What my mom—who's decidedly not a marketer—understood instinctively was that I'd written a whole lot. By my count over the course of the last three and a half years of newsletters, I've produced around 240,000 words!

And while not all of those words are keepers, what they do represent is a cumulative body of work. That's actually something that's intentionally built into our marketing framework. (Yes, I'm going to drop that graphic again, #sorrynotsorry.) See "CREATE" right there at the top of the diagram below? That's shorthand for "Create a Body of Work."

Now for me, this is largely written "stuff" like this newsletter, but for other folks that could be a podcast, videos, teachings, etc. I largely don't care about the format, truly!

Creating a body of work (aka thought leadership) generates so many opportunities, it creates possibilities. Trust me on this, I've experienced it myself and—more significantly—I've seen countless clients force doors open thanks to their body of work.

Want to write that book, speak at events in your industry, teach a class at a college, start a conference, or certify others in your methodology? A body of work with facilitate that. Yes, you still have to do the work, but you've created the credibility that sets the stage for that happening.

So, yes, this is the rare moment in which I'll say, "My mom is right, you should listen to her."


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Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

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