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Beyond the Checklist ✅

Published 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hello Reader,

This week, two encounters got me thinking—again—about the way I and others talk about SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization—helping people get found in Google).

First, a podcast interview on multilingual website search engine optimization got my wheels turning about audience intention and unmet needs. Then, a client confessed some of the website content they were writing, while "SEO-friendly," felt uninspiring to them.

This got me thinking: why does traditional SEO often feel like a soul-sucking checklist instead of strategic and creative?

SEO often gets dragged through the mud, and honestly, sometimes it deserves it.

But before we blame the many incredibly smart minds in the marketing industry, let's consider the "normal" practices that took root. Like any industry, certain expectations became chiseled into stone, leading to standardized, often robotic solutions.

Here's the typical SEO scene:

  • Keyword overload: Lists with thousands of keywords? Been there, done that. But are they truly relevant?
  • Quantity over quality: Chasing high-volume, low-competition keywords might sound good, but what about your actual audience's needs?
  • Traffic for traffic's sake: Growing numbers is great, but what if they're not the right people?

I used to follow this script too.

Clients asked for keyword lists and traffic increases, and I hadn't fine-tuned my Alignthority™ system yet. Sure, they were happy, but something felt off.

It's not about pleasing the Google overloads; it's about connecting with real people.

Your audience is smart, and so are their needs.

Why not speak to their emotions and offer solutions that genuinely excite you and them? After all, your passion translates into impactful content.

I don't want anyone saying, "I created this for Google."

Your body of work deserves a better reason.

That's why I advocate for flipping the script and making search engines work for you, not the other way around.

I want you to say, "I created this because my audience needs it and I'm excited to share it."

Here's what that alternative approach to the Google machine looks like:

  1. Know your audience: Dive deep into their challenges and aspirations.
  2. Create content that matters: Plan solutions that you're delighted to share.
  3. Find the right keywords: Let relevant keywords emerge naturally to boost visibility and attract ideal leads.

This approach puts the focus on genuine connection, not empty metrics.

We're ditching the robotic SEO and creating content that matters—and that just so happens to be exactly what real people are searching for.

That feels a whole lot better, doesn't it?

Talk soon,


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Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

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