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This week, I saw a great post from strategist Mark Pollard (a great follow if you're a strategy dork like me) reminding us that "Frameworks Frame Work." This concept has also been on my mind as I've been prepping for Summer of SEO 2024.

In my strategic toolbox, I rely on a framework I call "Alignthority™." It's a powerful tool that helps me as a consultant pinpoint what truly matters for my clients and identify any gaps they might have missed along the way.

But here's the thing: it's not a one-size-fits-all recipe for success. No framework is.

When working with someone's system, whether a framework or otherwise, it's crucial to understand its nature. Is it a rigid, "steal my system" step-by-step checklist, or a flexible structure that can adapt to your needs? The latter is what you want for true strategic support.

When you use someone's framework or methodology to accelerate your path to your goals, it can be an incredible shortcut, but remember to keep your own autonomy. Ask what the non-negotiables in the framework working are (for example, mine won't work if folks are not willing to create content).

Frameworks aren't dogma and when they're treated as such everyone ends up frustrated and unhappy.

They should make room for our weirdness, quirks, and preferences. The should be spacious enough for you to grow with them. Otherwise, they're just glorified tactics.

We're putting the finishing touches on a print publication (yes, you read that right) to support Summer of SEO 2024, and I literally have the line in it that says, "You're allowed to break the rules—just do so on purpose."

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