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More isn't better! ✨

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hello Reader,

I'm wading back into the AI discussion (kind of) as I've seen a worrisome trend emerge from it. Tools like ChatGPT definitely make it easier to create content (and I've written about why already), and so I've already seen a lot of advice about how consultants, coaches, and other experts can leverage these tools to be more visible.

Here's the problem: More is not better.

More content does not equal better results.

More tactics do not create more revenue.

More words do not mean better words.

That's not how any of this works.

And yet now, more than I've seen in at least ten years, folks are promoting this volume approach to marketing. And I'm worried, frankly.

Data from our real life clients tells us that quality, uniqueness, and alignment with your audience's big challenges and aspirations outshines the post and pray approach every single time.

One of my favorite clients (there are a lot of them) committed to creating one high quality article on her website each month, with a strategic and focused approach we co-created. After a year, she was outperforming many competitors and—more importantly—was attracting qualified clients that had no qualms about her fees.

This worked because there was a plan that was finely-tuned for her business and her audience, she didn't need to push for high volume and the post, post, post approach that the AI evangelists push.

Here's my hard truth:

When you sit down and get really clear-eyed about your numbers, and understand how many new leads you need to attract and empathetically understand their big challenges and goals, you will realize that higher quality content wins every single day—because it grabs the attention of people whose problems you can solve. When you do the math with that context, you simply don't need to be a content factory.

(We talk about this a bit in our discussion of client awareness stages—watch the replay for free here.)

Don't treat content like you're playing a numbers game—and don't believe people selling AI as a cheat code.



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