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Hello Reader,

In case you haven't noticed, I've been talking a lot about marketing foundations lately.

I've observed so many people get caught up in lots of tactics, but those tactics are hard because they don't have foundations in place. One of the things our team sees as essential for a sustainable, evergreen, longterm marketing strategy is a practice of repurposing what you have to 1) relieve the pressure of the content creation hamster wheel and 2) hold you accountable to your message (I can talk about that in the future if there's interest).

This week, we published a new article (written by Andrea) all about rethinking your resources, and a different approach to content repurposing.

This article focuses on reframing the entire idea of content repurposing. Most folks teach this practice like an inverted pyramid (big content becomes smaller content, such as blog posts to socials) and that's okay, but it's not an ideal way of thinking about repurposing your resources.

Instead I'd like you to think about how you can take 360º look at everything you have and then start piecing it out and combining it together in different ways.

Some of that can become long form content such as articles or videos, some of that can become social media posts, some can be combined into a pillar post on your website, some can be turned into direct outreach to potential clients or customers. The possibilities are really endless when you rethink your resources.

By taking this approach, you have access to a near bottomless well of content to go back to over and over and over again. And in doing that, what you have also is something that can take pressure off of you if you are still doing most of your marketing on your own. When focus this way, you can actually hand off content creation (which is now content repurposing) onto someone else who can take care of some for you.

In this new article Andrea goes into all the nuts and bolts around this idea. But what I really want to point you to is that she created—and I can't take any credit for this—a calendar to use each and every week to cultivate a habit of rethinking your resources every day.

Here's what that schedule looks like:

Monday: Run your website analytics for the previous week and look for key insights. Did one post or page receive a lot of traffic? What page converted the best? Write a quick summary of your findings (spend no more than 10 minutes) and post this as a social media caption, along with a photo of your analytics dashboard.

Tuesday: Open your favorite (or only) lead magnet and scan for key takeaways or a section that will stand on its own. Create a pop-up on your website using the key takeaway text and set it to lead your lead magnet landing page.

Wednesday: Review your content catalog for a “how-to” blog post you’ve published in the past. Then, using a simple Canva template, turn those how-to steps into a checklist and share that with your email list, along with a link to your full blog post.

Thursday: Open your Instagram feed and review your captions. Is there one that really stands out and communicates a core value or message? Copy and paste that caption and send 3-4 personalized emails to potential clients you’ve not yet booked. Say something like, “I thought you might find this short message helpful in your pursuit of..." There’s no ask and no call to action—just sending helpful advice to someone who needs it.

Friday: Scan your email inbox for user-generated content. Did someone send you a nice review? Ask a good question? Use that content elsewhere today – in a social media post, as a blog post introduction, or at the beginning of an email to your list.

This is all very doable, right? Small, simple actions that don't take a ton of time AND you can have someone else help you with!

Because we ❤️ all of you, we made you a special printable to use as well. Snag it below.

👉 Download the Repurposing Calendar 👈

Please share this calendar and the article with anyone you know who feels overwhelmed or burned out by the idea they have to be creating something new all the time. We hope it's a huge help to you!

Talk soon,


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