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Hello Reader,

Do you ever feel like your marketing is just you standing on a crowded street jumping around saying, "Hey it's me, I'm over here, do you see me..."?

It's not just you. From the hundreds of conversations I've had this year alone, a lot of people feel this way—everything seems noisy and crowded.

I do, however, believe there's a way to still "do marketing" while avoiding that crowded street feeling: You can instead become a beacon of fresh ideas and spark conversations?

I've started calling this concept the semi-hokey term, "Idea Igniter."

Imagine being known for:

  • Unique perspectives: Share your insights and challenge the status quo in your field.
  • Deeper dives: Go beyond the surface level and provide valuable analysis.
  • Fresh research: Bring new information and perspectives to the table.

Here's what I love about this concept: becoming an Idea Igniter isn't just good for building your brand, it's great for getting noticed online.

Why? Because Google, and frankly, everyone else, is tired of the "same, same, same" content.

They crave new ideas and voices that make a difference. Google and researchers like Edelman have quite literally told us this.

It makes sense thinking about human behavior:

What do you want to eat when you go out? A meal that's just like that bagged salad kit you ate at home yesterday (ahem) or something that delights you because it's fresh and interesting?

Your marketing is no different.

Talk soon,


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Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

The status quo of modern marketing isn't designed for you and me.The hard truth is that most marketing strategies are designed for massive corporations, while small businesses, consultants, coaches, and other experts are left feeling that the advice they’re given just doesn’t fit—and they’re right. We have two choices: we can struggle to force our businesses into an ill-fitting mold, or we can reinvent a system that works for us and allows us to thrive. I don’t know about you, I prefer door number two. 💌 Reach our team at 🌟 Ready to work together?

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