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The "So Busy" Trap Experts Fall Into (and How to Avoid It) 🗺️

Published about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

"I'm so busy serving clients that I don't have time to do marketing."


(Yes, I'm shouting.)

I've heard this so, so, so many times over my two decades-plus career and I guarantee you that there's nothing noble in being so busy that you can't take thoughtful care of your own business.

I don't want you to "so busy" your way out of business.

Yes, this happens to successful people—more than you know.

Here's what it looks like:

The pattern is incredibly predictable and typically takes three to five years to fully play out. (Though remember that some industries move faster than others.)

Many subject matter experts are able to truly build something amazing based on their networks, referrals, and repeats—business generating processes that I put in the "word of mouth" bucket. And while it's not "easy" by any means, it feels a bit magical and often lulls folks into thinking they don't need to "do marketing."

After all, they're so busy with client works, who has time to do marketing? And it's a badge of honor, right? "I've never had to do marketing because clients come to me."

The thing is: this is a trap.

And it leads to a cliff.

But that cliff is sneaky.

You don't see it coming because there are little hills (aka a few repeat clients, some more referrals) that trick you into thinking there's not a cliff down the trail—despite the signs to the contrary.

Here's the good news: This trap is both avoidable and repairable.

Commit to marketing. Today. Right now. Even if you're so busy with client work you can't find the time.

I absolutely know and acknowledge that we DO NOT all have the same 24 hours in each day, but even if it's five minutes you carve out for business self care in the form of marketing activities, that's more than zero and marketing compounds like a high yield savings account.

I've got a great list of 30 free or super cheap marketing actions you can take that can give you a good start and something to build on. Pick one or two from that list and try in the next few days.

Talk soon,


P.S. You know I'm going to say it, it's time to:

Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

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