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Your inbox is probably overflowing...

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Hello Reader,

If your inbox is overflowing, you may want to re-read my newsletter from last year, about how you can just... opt out. I re-read it myself as I was getting ready to write this newsletter and it was a good reminder.

What I wish I'd included in that newsletter is that it's also super okay if you WANT to do all the sales stuff. It was implied but not explicit. My advice is that's the case: always ask yourself if what you're snapping up is something that was in your plans anyway, or if you just want it because it's a deal.

I'm going to share a few goodies from friends and colleagues (some are affiliates, most aren't) and if you weren't looking for anything along these lines, just archive this email and move on.

Sound good?

From Team SM&Co

Amplifying the Community

I have been/will be sharing wonderful offers from folks in our community all weekend long over on Instagram. You can find them all in this highlight. Here are some of them that I wanted to call special attention to (a couple I'm an affiliate partner for—indicated with an asterisk, but most are just folks I think are doing cool stuff.) This is quite a unique lineup of folks, so I hope you discover someone new to you!

Like I said, check out my Instagram for more goodness.

On behalf of our team, most of all, I'm thankful to all of you for inviting me into your inbox. It's so appreciated and I never take it for granted.



Hi! I'm Sarah Moon!

The status quo of modern marketing isn't designed for you and me.The hard truth is that most marketing strategies are designed for massive corporations, while small businesses, consultants, coaches, and other experts are left feeling that the advice they’re given just doesn’t fit—and they’re right. We have two choices: we can struggle to force our businesses into an ill-fitting mold, or we can reinvent a system that works for us and allows us to thrive. I don’t know about you, I prefer door number two. 💌 Reach our team at 🌟 Ready to work together?

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